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  • Woodhaven

    • Woodhaven Black Hornet Call

      WoodHaven used their yellow latex and added a third layer using their black latex giving this call its own very unique tone and sound. This call is capable of calling both loud and soft while...

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      Woodhaven Black Venom Call

      Features a copperhead cut with new side cuts in the orange latex top reed. The orange latex top reed combined with a prophylactic reed and a bottom reed of gray latex makes for one of the most...

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      Woodhaven Black Wasp Call

      A top reed of red latex and a middle reed of prophylactic. More rasp, volume, and overall backbone.Produces great cutts and yelps, as well as soft clucks and purrs.

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      Woodhaven Copperhead Call

      A 3-reed call that features (1) reed of orange, silky textured latex with a snake tongue cut, over (2) clear reeds. Best for hard cutting and cackles, and raspy yelps.

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    • Woodhaven Ghost Call - 3 Pack

      These 2.5-reed calls are perfect for great kee-kees and hen yelp sounds, as well as sharp cutts and cackles.Includes the Toxic Orange, Blue Demon, and Red Ghost.Each have a centered square cut in the...

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      Woodhaven Ninja Call - 3 Pack

      Includes the Ninja Ghost, Ninja V, and the Ninja Venom.These diaphragm calls offer a very light feel with tons of backbone.From those soft early morning tree calls, to the hard cutting and yelping of...

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      Woodhaven Ninja Ghost Call

      A 3-reed call - top green reed over (2) prophylactic reeds. This call breaks from a good, high front end yelp into a throaty rasp which delivers crisp yelps, clucks and kee-kees.

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      Woodhaven Ninja V Call

      A 3-reed call - top green reed over (2) prophylactic reeds designed with their tried and true classic V-cut.   This call offers a very crisp, raspy tone which is perfect in producing those...

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