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  • Fishing Equipment

    • Brennan Industries Gen-X Cuda Bowfishing Bow Rh

      Cuda is a bowfishing bow designed to give you an edge on the water. Utilizes the Gen-X Progressive Let-Off Technology to make drawing easier for all levels. Axle to Axle: 35.5”Brace Height: 7.625”Draw Weight: 25-40 lbs. Draw Length:...

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    • Cajun Bowfishing Brush Fire Arrow Rest

      Teflon impregnated insert on bottom for durability.Reversible mount design for use with left and right handed bows.Replaceable bristles for full containment.Windage adjustments.Aluminum body.Laser engraved reference marks.

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    • Cajun Fish Stick Pro Rtf Package 45 Lb. Rh

      Measuring 56 inches long with a peak draw weight of 45 lbs., the Fish Stick Pro comes equipped with the Spin Doctor bowfishing reel, a red reel seat, a Brush Fire arrow rest, and a Piranha arrow and point. The reel, designed to endure the rigors of the...

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      Cajun Quick Draw Rest

      Rubber gate for quick loading and capturing arrow. Stainless steel screws. CNC-machined from 6061 Aircraft Aluminum. Strong, durable and light. Designed for right or left hand shooters. Quick Slick Tape helps eliminate wear and delivers a smooth...

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    • Cajun Roller Fishing Rest

      Easy to install and adjust. Screws into rest bushing in bow riser. Increases arrow speed up to 10 fps. Roller made of rustproof sturdy Delrin on a brass threaded shaft.

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    • Cajun Winch Pro Reel

      Fighting Brake allows you to winch fish back to the boat, braking and reeling simultaneously.Revolutionary design allows for one-handed operation.25 yards of 250 lb test high visibility white line.Rugged aluminum frame for superior durability...

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    • Easton Bubba Buoy Fish Arrow

      High visibility bright white fiberglass shaft. AMS Safety Slide and Slide Stop. Conventional nock. Chaos double barbed steel point. Tip release barbs. Patent pending heat treated Cyclone tip.

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      Easton White Box Arrow

      Insert: CB Inserts - 21 grain; installedNock: Super Nock - 13 grain; installedPoint: Field point - 100 grain; installedMaterial: CarbonColor: BlackQuantity: 4 Pack  Fully assembled - with vanes, nocks and inserts and field points. (Broadheads...

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